Around the world in 8x8 is a durational performance about the concept of territory, belonging and identity, it  happens over 8 days as 8 journeys, each recreating iconic trips of pioneering explorers and adventurers, by travelling from  consulate to consulate making international trips without leaving London. 

The experience will be documented in video, photography, drawing and sculpture.
The idea arose from a family anecdote that illustrates how the space of an embassy or consulate is a dislocated part of the country it represents. 

Conflicted travelling suit                                                                                                                                                                         Embracing my role as traveller I have designed and made a set of travel clothes and paraphernalia that reflect on origins, activity and other concerns: My conflicted travelling suit combines elements of my multifaceted cultural heritage:The iconic  ‘Bollenhut’ of my South German heritage and education. This traditional folkloric hat, made from straw and woolen pom poms, is originally from a small village in the Black Forest. 

The skirt and shoes are typical dress from Galicia in North West Spain, where my father came from. The skirt is a rich red woolen fabric with black velvet, worn with black cloggs. 

The jacket is made of atlas printed fabric representing the world. 

I also carry a suitcase that holds my gifts, small ceramic boxes full of earth.