I am a sculptor and performance artist. My pieces  are performable sculptures transforming the performer into an hybrid being in a  temporary shelter.

Exploring the meaning of ´condition´ I create object, developing pieces and narratives around migration, heritage, gender and its influence on identity and belonging. Mixing materials like textile, rubber, and ceramics, as well as repurposing and recycling garments and other objects I blur the boundaries between performance, dance and sculpture. Most recently I am involving the audience to be part of the creation  process.

To me  art is transcendent and magic. Using the body as the vehicle of learning and experiencing I  create transformational rituals,  allowing me to respond to emotional,  intellectual and spiritual questions and challenge  the views on the  society and the world we live in.

 Sharing and collaborating with other artists like fellow visual artists, performers, dancers, choreographers, and musicians I have been showing in in Spain, Germany and the UK.