I am a sculptor and performance artist. In my   work I explore the idea of how personal conditions and  needs can be materialized into an object, developing pieces and narratives around migration, heritage, gender and its influence on identity and belonging. Blurring  the boundaries I mix  materials and disciplines. My preferable materials are textile, rubber, and ceramics, as well as repurposing and recycling other materials and objects. My pieces  are performable sculptures showing a hybrid being in a   temporary shelter, displayable in exhibitions, shown in performances, films and photography.  

​To me  art is a transcendent and magic ritual,   intrinsic to the experience of being. My performances  allow me to challenge and respond to emocional,  intellectual and spiritual questions. I´m interested  in transformation and the body as the vehicle of learning and experiencing. 

Living in a technological world, as humans  we remain physical beings and a part of nature. The tensions and contradictions between nature and technology interest me. 

​Understanding  and exploring the social relationships and connections between individuals  feeds into my practice. I enjoy collaborating with others, working with fellow visual artists, performers, dancers, choreographers, and musicians in Spain, Germany and the UK, as well as involving audiences in artistic practice and workshops.

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