I am a sculptor and performance artist dedicated to develop multimedial projects mainly in performance art, sculpture, video and drawing. In my   work I explore the idea of how personal conditions or needs can be materialized into a helpful object, developing pieces and narratives around migration, heritage, gender and its influence on identity and belonging. These objects are performable sculptures showing a hybrid being in a   temporary shelter. I like blurring  the boundaries and mix  materials and disciplines. I love all types of materials, especially textile, rubber, and ceramics, as well as repurposing and recycling.

Influenced heavily by the attitudes and approaches of ‘Fluxus’ ideas to the making of art, I believe that art is transcendent, a magic ritual, and performance is an effective medium to practice it. Rituals are intrinsic to the experience of being and allow us to challenge and respond to intellectual and emotional questions. I´m interested in transformation and the body as the vehicle of learning and experiencing. 


Although we live in a highly technological world, we can´t help to remain physical beings.I hugely respect the essence of nature and life and I´m interested in exploring the tensions and contradictions of these areas. Exploring the social relationships and connections between individuals., a  crucial theme throughout all my practice. I enjoy collaborating with others, and have had the chance to work with artists dancers, choreographers, and musicians in Spain, Germany and the UK, as well as involving audiences in artistic practice and workshops.