The performance combines visual arts and contemporary dance. The subject of the piece is faith, seen in a more general way; a good expression would probably be ´blind confidence´. We expose this idea through visual objects and contemporary dance using nails, balloons, ´dust´, carnation petals and a wooden table.


In the performance, whilst the dancer clothed in a latex version of her own skin moves across the room of balloons filled with ‘dust’, the artist sits at a table blindfolded, dressed in a heavy red latex and clove gown, whilst she slowly, relying on all senses apart from sight, beats the nails into the table. The frenetic movements of the dancer cause the balloons to burst and the dust to spread across the scene and the two performers. The performance closes with the dancer removing her own skin ending up naked and true.


The performance has been presented at several festivals.

Life performance at Tárrega Festival 2010          Duration aprox. 25min