The ideal location for the performance is a church or chapel, with all of their layered meanings, as well as for their associations with celebrations of all kinds of ceremonies and reunions of the community. This performance promotes, celebrates & defends the gesture of devotion. We speak about the challenge that means to devote oneself to something or someone, but also the responsibility involved in it. We look at devotion as an ultimate expression of generosity.


During the performance the artists tears her heart from her body and offers it to the audience. The heart is then prepared, cooked and fed to the audience with the artist undertaking the performance within an altar-like setting crossed with a tv celebrity chef kitchen with the artist communicating with her audience whilst the ‘meal’ is prepared and then shared. With its religious allusions and references, the work encourages the audience to consider the physical and metaphysical significance of this organ, alongside its historic and religious values.


Performance duration: 35-40 minutes