Series of 99 artistic face mask performable sculptures

This project is a participative immersive installation and live performance that combines wearable sculpture, sound, film, and workshops. Using a series of 99 unique artistic face masks that I produced over lockdowns and pandemic, it will explore resilience and collective healing through performable sculptures.

This is a multi-layered project of performance, sculpture and installation that reflects on personal and social values, change, loss and trauma. The themes are portrayed in the masks with the use of fabrics, hair, ceramics and  recycled or repurposed materials. Sculpture and sound and are activated during live multi sensorial performances.

Commission: through an international open call the  composer Andrea Rocca  is  collecting memories, messages and testimonies  that will become the sound-scape for performances.

I will also work with a ceramicist and seamstress to create props and costumes for the installation.

Performances: 6 shows in different spaces with 8 performers wearing the sculptures and responding to audience interaction.

Workshops: creative workshops will give people the opportunity to experiment, exploring the masks performing them and making their own masks. They will be given the opportunity become live performers themselves. 

During the live performances, audiences will be able to engage with the 99 masks, set, props, costumes, and sculptures that will be activated by 3 performers. An additional 5 performers will wear speakers to create a mobile orchestra that the sound artist/composer can manipulate live, so that it is moving and shifting all the time, based on the audience interaction.

We will be creating a space for recovery and celebration, deeply rooted in ideas around ritual and cultural ceremonies. Basing it on connection and interaction, it subverts the meaning of 'masking' as an idea of hiding, as each mask speaks about a moment, a feeling a place or a person.