Series of 99 artistic face mask performable sculptures


Started as as a diary  during  confinement I used the time  for reflection on aspects of  past projects, setting myself the challenge of creating a series of 99 different and unique  small wearable sculptures that condense the core aspects of my practice.

                                                                                                                                               Performer: Clémentine Bedos                                    

´The impossible kiss´ is  a textile sculpture part of the series ´Covijo-99´. It is a ´mask tandem´, two masks connected by elastic  ribbons with the ´social distancing´length. This piece is performed as a duo, the performers aim to get closer to each other  keeping the elastic band stretched at all times. This piece  puts  the focus on our social connection, especially between  female- sisterhood or even  the bond between  generations to our ancestors.

The piece is displayed as an installation, video and live performance.