Series of 99 artistic face mask performable sculptures

Being and working in lockdown let me become a spectator in a strange way. The challenge of confinement mirrors with  the voluntary confinement of the artist in the studio. With the focus on the development of  artwork, I put myself the  challenge of creating 99 unique pieces that explore ideas of resilience,  seeking for ways of recovery and collective healing. 

Developing a layered  project of performance and sculpture,  I collect and connect the personal and the communal reaction to this situation.

My masks respond to different aspects of  the occurring events over the last year and at the same time  led me to condense my practice and  to draw from past to present reviewing my own previous projects, creating a  reminiscence as mask,

New   project started during the  the first lockdown in March 2020. 

The title is a mix of the word ´COVID´ and the Spanish word ´COBIJO´ which means shelter.


 It consists in a series of 99 unique pieces based on the idea of  masks.  Initially inspired by   movements of community facemask sewing groups in order to support the NHS, the  project  evolved into a pandemic diary that  looks  at the present situation- personally and globally, reflecting on human fragility, balance, the impact of social distancing and on & off  lockdowns on mental health and systemic structures.