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Please join us for the private view of the 2021 Bow Open | Aboutface: regroup, reorganise, reimagine.


Selected by Leyla Reynolds, artist, curator and gal-dem founding member on Thursday 7 October, 6-9pm, with a live performance from Isabel Castro Jung.


Leyla Reynolds has selected 24 artists for Bow Arts’ annual Open Show, all responding to her title, Aboutface: regroup,reorganise, reimagine. Jung’s performance incorporates wearable sculpture as a form of protective amour and anextension of the body itself. The garment, weighing over 50kg is made of castanets reflecting on the wearer’s Spanishheritage, and presents the question of an individual’s history as something that weighs heavily upon us, something wecarry with us through life.


Following a year that has challenged those in the cultural sector particularly, gal-dem’s Bow Open demonstrates thepower of artists and their imaginations to regroup following disaster, and reorganise with humour, frankness and inspiringvisual potency. Works range from politically charged banners, a delicate spine of ceramic COVID masks and jewelleryinspired by the Hindu Goddess Kali Ma, a beacon of hope and resistance to anti-colonial movements during the Bengalrevolution. Powerfully commenting on many of the overarching political themes of the past year – gender identity, theenvironment, the pandemic, decolonisation, digital overload – the exhibition offers realism, satire, beauty and optimism.


Exhibiting artists: Nitin Amin; Annamaria Antonazzo; Reza Ben Gajra; Nell Brookfield; Victoria Burgher; Ellie Burkett;Isabel Castro Jung; Nathalie Coste; Franco Di Cesare; Tom Foulsham; Romulo Gonçalves; Rebecca Griffiths; NicciJames; Eve Lam; Rachel Mercer; Marcus Orlandi; Harry Owens; Ayesha Sureya Patel; Tabitha Powles; Luke AnthonyRooney; Kyungmin Sophia Son; Scallywag Fox; Tara Versey; Toby Wilson.




All work for sale using the affordable Own Art scheme


Exhibition open 8 October – 19 December 2021


Nunnery Gallery 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ Tube Bow Road DLR Bow Church Cycle CS2


Images, left to right: Luke Anthony Rooney Bizzie and Morning Glory © the artist

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